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It is an owner-led company that provides independent consulting in the art sector. Fausto De Lorenzo has extensive knowledge in the fields of marketing, change management and art consulting. Drawing on his background as managing director of a number of prominent art businesses, he provides support to museums, cultural institutions, companies and private collectors, helping them to stay successful in a competitive and constantly changing environment.”

Museum Management

The museum sector has undergone considerable change in recent decades. The challenges involved are greater than they once were, and museums find themselves in an area of complex and varied tensions between different interest groups: cultural, scientific, administrative, business and the general public. Each group brings a different objective into focus: to inform, mediate, present and entertain.

De Lorenzo Art and Museum Management & Consulting provides advice, planning and implementation across all areas involved in the founding and running of modern museums and other cultural institutions. This also involves the optimisation of strategic and practical aspects of the work, as well as the support of museum management in the implementation of challenging procedures, whether that is a change of strategy, establishment of a new foundation or restructure of an existing museum.


Change Management

“There are many reasons to collect art, but passion is always the greatest – the desire to own beautiful objects and to be surrounded by them, to develop a deeper artistic knowledge.”

Art Consulting

There are many reasons to collect art, but passion is always the greatest – the desire to own beautiful objects and to be surrounded by them, to develop a deeper artistic knowledge.

De Lorenzo Art and Museum Management & Consulting guides private individuals and companies in the development and curation of art collections, offering the support of its expert knowledge and a suitable network of contacts. Whether you are interested in Old Masters or aspiring young artists, or if you want to build your collection around a theme, a historical period or a group of artists, we are here to help.

Projects & Network


Fausto De Lorenzo

With an interest in art, architecture and design from a young age, he went on to complete initial training as a structural steel draughtsman. His passion for art drove him to open Zum Matthäus gallery in Basel while still a young man, with participation in Art Basel in 1982.

After further training and education in the field of management, Fausto De Lorenzo became an independent business consultant and also occupied senior positions in the private sector in Hamburg and Basel. A range of management positions and board memberships enabled him to acquire considerable expertise, notably in staff management and in the administration of large budgets. His activities in an international environment have allowed Fausto De Lorenzo to build up a broad network – one he is happy to put to good use.

Fausto De Lorenzo was Managing Director of Fondation Beyeler in Riehen for 11 years until 2009. After that, he worked for two years as Managing Director of Kunstmuseum Basel, and was responsible for the design of extension works and various restructuring processes. Since 2011, he has provided consultation to institutions and private individuals through his company De Lorenzo Art and Museum Management & Consulting, and is considered one of the country’s most well-respected art experts. Fausto De Lorenzo lives and works in Basel.


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